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What We Do

We seek to create a strategic advantage by institutionalizing our processes and structuring our investments to be resilient across a wide range of market environments.

Disciplined and Consistent

Target White Spaces

We believe attractive opportunities often appear between traditional mandates, overlooked by others, that can be capitalized on by those willing to be first movers.

Build Investment Businesses

We believe long-term results are predicated on developing repeatable investment approaches, powered by robust processes and infrastructure. One-off trades cannot achieve that goal.

Navigate Market Regimes

We believe the preservation and growth of investor capital comes from adapting to different environments, made possible by a broad set of investment capabilities.

Our Compass

What guides our firm’s evolution? It is the intersection of three things: Market Opportunity, Magnetar Skill, Investor Needs.

Our Approach


We believe that our reputation and long-standing relationships within various industry ecosystems enable us to provide our investors with access to differentiated opportunities.


We possess the intellectual rigor and experience to develop in-depth asset views, dissect capital structure intricacies, and navigate cash flow nuances.


We have found that thoughtful structuring of investments is key to achieving differentiated returns.

Risk Manage

We rely on our robust risk management process at the investment and portfolio level to maintain an anticipated favorable risk-return profile across various market environments.


Collectively, we aim to provide investors with an array of investment approaches that they can use to complement their portfolios.

Our Core Strategy Landscape

Our core businesses enable us to cater to a wide range of investor needs. We also develop new strategies and deploy them when appropriate.

Explore Our Core Strategy Continuum

Alternative Credit and Fixed Income

We invest primarily in companies with stable cash-flow profiles across a range of sectors, including:

  • Transportation: Aviation, Automotive, etc.
  • Real Estate: Rental, Home Rehab and Resale, New Home Development, etc.
  • Energy: Solar Energy, Consumer Electric Retailing, etc.
  • Consumer: Healthcare, Consumer ABS, etc.

Our mandates enable us to invest in the equity and/or debt of companies such as mortgage lenders, auto lenders, etc. These firms are often platforms filling a market niche that has grown after the Global Financial Crisis.

We participate in certain credit strategies over time on an opportunistic basis.

  • Investment in corporate credit (and mortgage) securities
  • Implementation of quantitatively-based strategies that rely on modeling security and portfolio credit risk and/or discount to modeled fair value
  • Examples of these strategies include investment in collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), portfolios of corporate credits, convertible bonds, and mortgage securities

We invest in portfolio participation structures by which financial institutions may obtain regulatory capital relief.

We implement transactions in various ways, with risk exposure to institutions' underlying balance sheet assets, ranging from investment grade to high yield exposures, and beyond.

This strategy fills a market need that has grown since the Global Financial Crisis.

Energy and Infrastructure

    • Since 2005, we have committed over $6 billion of capital in more than 60 private investments in companies throughout North America.
    • Our team has significant experience investing across the renewables and energy/infrastructure value chain.
    • Our invested capital can be utilized by companies to support organic growth initiatives or strategic M&A.
    • We have significant flexibility in our investment approach and have invested at the corporate and asset levels.
    • We typically invest in companies with enterprise values between $500mm and $5bn.
    • Our capital duration enables us to become long-term investors.

    Systematic Investing

    Our Systematic Risk Arbitrage strategy – also known as “Merger Arbitrage” – was established under the premise that this type of investing may offer excess returns that can be isolated based on certain M&A deal characteristics, including geography, market capitalization, and transaction and deal type.

    We believe that by systematizing this strategy to refine deal selection and to manage strategy risk, we may be able to harness the associated premia more effectively.

    Our Systematic Convertible Arbitrage strategy seeks to buy “long” a convertible security and sell “short” a portion of the underlying stock into which the convertible security may be exercised, in instances where our models measure the security to be theoretically cheap and relatively mispriced. The strategy may also seek to hedge a portion of the interest rate risk.

    Our Equity Statistical Arbitrage strategy seeks to capture liquidity risk premia typically associated with the tendency for equity prices to revert to the mean from short-term dislocations that may not be associated with a change in fundamentals. Mean reversion strategies typically look to monetize opportunities created by short-term market overreactions.

    Our Systematic SPAC strategy seeks to efficiently capture potential excess returns associated with SPAC investing while retaining much of the downside protection inherent to the structure. The strategy utilizes a rules-based framework that builds upon Magnetar’s active SPAC investment management experience and deep relationships with underwriters and certain sponsor teams. The strategy also may seek to hedge a portion of the equity market beta.

    Our Impact

    We invest growth capital in businesses that drive the real economy. Our portfolio companies have had exposure to a range of assets, e.g.,:

    European SMEs


    4x4 Rental Trucks


    Rental Homes


    Vacant Developed Lots


    Residential Rehab Properties


    Post-Acute Care Facilities


    Major Motion Films


    Hospital Beds


    Aircraft & Aircraft Engines


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