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Generating Tomorrow's Diversifying Return Streams by Challenging Today's Investment Norms.

Alternative Credit and Fixed Income

Our Alternative Credit & Fixed Income business seeks to invest in a range of credit and fixed income strategies where the changing role of financial institutions has created secular voids in the capital available to businesses to fund their growth.

Systematic Investing

Leveraging our skill and practitioners’ experience, our Systematic Investing business attempts to capture return streams associated with traditional hedge fund strategies through rules-based, transparent and liquid strategies.


Our Healthcare business employs an opportunistic long/short equity strategy, emphasizing fundamental analysis, process-oriented diligence and diversification across market themes, sub-sectors and companies.


We are innovators, dissatisfied with the status quo, who thrive in whitespaces. Magnetar was built on the idea that long-term partnership and client-centric solutions drive innovation and inform expectations.

AUM as of March 31, 2024


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