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Energy and Infrastructure

Our mission is to invest in high quality energy and infrastructure companies, led by talented management teams, in a flexible manner.

Varied Sectors

We can invest across energy and infrastructure sectors, with a current primary focus on Midstream, Renewables and Upstream.

Flexible Investments

We can invest at the corporate or asset level in various formats, including: Debt, Convertible / Preferred Equity, Common Equity, and Royalty Interests.

Strategic Capital

Our invested capital can be utilized by companies to achieve various strategic priorities, such as: Organic Growth, M&A, and Liquidity Capital.

Our Opportunity & Approach

Our flexible approach enables us to find a wide range of opportunities vs. being bound by a singular model:
Our approach_Infrastructure & Energy
Our approach_Infrastructure & Energy

Private Equity Model
Often focus on control and higher MOIC hurdles

Mutual Fund Model
Often face stringent regulations and daily liquidity needs

Hedge Fund Model
Often focus on liquid securities and syndicated capital markets

Investment Bank / Public Capital Markets Model
Often focus on standard structures and simplicity

We have invested in companies with energy assets across North America e.g.,:

We have invested throughout periods of commodity price volatility.

Energy and Infrastructure

Private Investments

We invest in North American energy and infrastructure companies.

  • The capital we invest enables businesses to achieve a variety of strategic priorities: (i) organic growth (ii) mergers and acquisitions (iii) liquidity
  • Since 2005, we have invested in companies across most major basins in North America
  • Companies have typically had enterprise values between $500mm and $10bn
  • Our capital duration enables us to become long-term investors

Senior Leadership

Our Energy and Infrastructure team is led by Eric Scheyer and Adam Daley.

What We Do

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