Fundamental Strategies

Event Driven Events in a Corporate Life Cycle

We employ a catalyst-driven investment approach that leverages our fundamental expertise and our quantitative investment experience.

Magnetar’s Fundamental Strategies Approach

Fund_Strats_MAIN_graph_071117 FUNDAMEN T A L STR A TEGIES Fundamental Catalyst Risk Arbitrage Macro Events Sector Events Company Specific Events Asset Class Dislocations Risk Arbitrage Appraisals Domination Agreements

We seek to capitalize on the impact of idiosyncratic events in a company's life cycle.

Our approach spans across multiple sectors, asset classes and geographies allowing us to dynamically construct our portfolios and target opportunities based on their relative risk-reward profile.

Fundamental Catalyst: We utilize a sector-based, capital-structure agnostic approach – spanning equities and credit – which provides flexibility to find the best opportunities across a wide range of market environments and economic cycles.

Risk Arbitrage: We leverage process knowledge from our collective decades of experience managing risk arbitrage portfolios, along with quantitative expertise, to help us isolate alpha and better understand the market exposures that are inherent in risk arbitrage investing.